About Tour Unite

Tour Unite is a route and a bikepacking race in Russia. 

Route distance is 7500 km long with 45000 m of climbing. Race is single staged and self supported with multiple distance options. There is no check points, no entry fee, no prizes. And no obligatory trackers.

Whole course of the route developed and constantly updated by enthusiasts since 2016, tried and tested by hundreds of riders. It covers western part of Russia from the Barents sea to the Black sea. For the sake of convenience course splited in 6 segments. You can find short description and main characteristics of them here: "Route"

Track covers paved and unpaved roads with minimum to zero traffic. In northern part it's mostly gravel and hard-packed roads, in southern it's more asphalt due to lack of weatherproof unpaved roads. Some parts of the route are isolated and you won't find any resupply points for couple of days. Some parts of the route are well populated and you can ride them credit-card touring style. And for sure there is a good old hike-a-bike no matter what part of the route you are riding.

You can participate as a solo rider, pair or group. Individual time trails opened for all year long, but we strongly recommend hot season for two northern segments. Once a year there is grand depart during summer. More about rules, dates and participation formats on our main site: "Regulations".

History of development and main statistics you can find here: "History".

Our main site with additional information: www.tourunite.info. It's in Russian, but your browser will handle the translation.

If you got any questions or need some help, feel free to contact us: tourunite@gmail.com